We are often asked by people, “What type of worship do you have at Laurel Bible Church?” Our humble and serious answer is, “Biblical worship!” The style of music we play and sing to God is first to be sincere and from a right heart. Secondly, the object of our worship is the Triune God. The music is NOT to please or entertain us, nor to attract spectators. The music is played and sung as a vehicle to bring our heartfelt praises to the One who alone is worthy to receive it. As such it is our offering to Him and not geared to any human audience.

Men’s Ministry

Scripture teaches us that body life is just that, the life of God’s people as they worship, serve and make Him known. Therefore we strive to keep as much of our ministries integrated as possible. It is vital that we worship TOGETHER – fathers, mothers and children. But we also know there are times when parts of the body can come together in its parts for encouragement and edification. Please see our events calender for times and places for specific gatherings for men.

Women’s Ministry

The works of mercy and service in the church have always seen Christian women as a central force. In Scripture, women such as Mary and Martha were an integral part of serving Christ and making Him known. This has always been the glory of godly women- it is no different at Laurel Bible Church. Whether in prayer, visitation, fellowship, accountability, outreach, or teaching and discipleship, our women can constantly be found in God’s presence serving and reaching others. See our events calendar for regular and special events.

Children’s Ministry

We believe children are a vital part of families, and especially the family of God. It is therefore our passion and priority to point all children to Christ. We do this by praying for our children, teaching them God’s word in Bible study, and giving them a place in the body of Christ in which they can serve God and each other. AWANA is a key teaching ministry by which we disciple children. This fun, yet intensive, club is open to all children- from preschool to 6th grade. AWANA runs from September through April.


Evangelism is not only commanded by our Lord, but should be the passion of all true Christians. Evangelism is simply warning all mankind they are born condemned sinners, and as such, under God’s Holy wrath. Furthermore, without the saving grace of God in Christ’s death and resurrection, they will suffer eternity in hell. We share this dreadful, and yet wonderful, Gospel in our everyday lives to family and friends, classmates and co-workers, and indeed all with whom we meet. This is the duty and joy of every believer.

(Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)