Our Reason

  • The Very Reason We Exist Is To Glorify God & Make Our Lord Jesus Christ Known


  • Laurel Bible Church believes that the church is comprised of all of God’s redeemed. The local church, such as Laurel Bible Church, is a covenant community bound together by saving faith in the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. While everyone is welcome to join us, only those who have believed on Christ unto salvation and followed Him in baptism are members of the local church.

The Bible

  • Our beliefs come from God’s Holy, Perfect Word
  • All our traditions, actions, and our lives should be in conformity to Scripture.


  • Having faith should always result in right living. God’s people are His servants, and as such, should humbly serve God and His people; as well as strive in His power to reach those who are lost. Living our lives in humble obedience to the Bible, and loving God and each other is the natural desire for those born into God’s family. Acts of mercy, faith, and love not only please God, but minister to a hurting world. They also give evidence that our conversion is genuine.


  • People naturally share and speak of things that interest and are important to them. It is no different in God’s Kingdom. We should always be boldly and lovingly sharing what God has done for us in Christ. Someone shared the message of God’s Good News with us leading to our salvation- how can we not desire to share the Good News that all who repent and believe can be saved?